Anam Cara of Ysera
Anam Cara of Ysera
Welcome to Anam Cara!  We are a casual World of Warcraft guild playing Horde on the US-Ysera realm.  The guild has been running since 2006 and we are still going strong.  We welcome all folks and attempt to participate in as many of WoW's game styles as possible.  We hold regular events such as raiding new content (let it be known we are NOT a heroic raiding guild... we are simply a casual guild that enjoys raiding!) and even working on achievements for past raid content.  We hold special events such as pet battle tournaments, scavenger hunts and races around the world (of Warcraft).

If you are interested in joining our guild, please use the Apply to Guild link to the left.

Few Changes with AC Website

Hello folks,

We're making a few changes with our site to reflect usage and free time / availability.

Applications: Going forward, applications are emailed directly to the officers. The user is no longer required to create a forum account. The officers will discuss the application via email and reach out to the individual.

Raiding & Application Forums: Both of these forums are no longer needed. We're going to keep things simple... all regular posts can be put in General or News post replies. The Application forum is no longer necessary since apps are being sent directly through email.

New Raid Leader: Moot has graciously agreed to take over maintenance of the site. As such he's been promoted to Raid Leader so that he'll be able to make News / Front page posts.

If you have any questions about these changes, please contact Stone, Dark or Racavis.

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AC Begins its Heroic Assault on Hellfire

FINALLY... we've tried this so many times... we know we've got the DPS for it but it seemed to be a matter of folks being keenly aware of staying out of the fire, so to speak.

It was much easier on the healers this time around and despite Dark's attempts to trying to jinx it at 13% we managed to get this boss (trash) down.

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Socking it to Socrethar; There is only Xhul.

It's been a while. Yes. I know. That doesn't mean we're not moving along in the raid tier.

Socrethar and Xhul'horac are our two latest kills... we're now 10 / 13 Normal. We're coming for you Archimonde!

Socrethar Normal:

Xhul'horac (Normal):

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It's All Fun and Games Until Someone Loses an Eye

We continue to press forward into Hellfire Citadel. This time Kilrogg loses his other eye... see ya later!

This was definitely our toughest test since starting in Hellfire. The first four bosses were relatively easy compared to this guy and for the first time it really felt like a "Warlord" was giving us some difficulty.

Proper positioning (right in the middle of the path beside the rock), DPS focusing adds down quickly, 20-sticks in the "other realm", good movement by the healers to dispell the debuff, and good Visions of Death positioning by the tanks all contributed to us finally getting this guy down.

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AC Derails Operator Thogar

This weekend we downed another new boss... this time Operator Thogar on Normal mode.

It was a massive four train (track?) disaster for the Iron Horde conductor. Thogar has gone to the Twisting Nether seeking employment.

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Three New Heroic Bosses Down This Weekend

This weekend Anam Cara had a pretty darn successful run downing four new heroic bosses. Friday we downed Heroic Imperator and Saturday we got three more new heroic bosses in Blackrock Foundry.

1 - Hans'gar and Franzok. We pumped them up!

2 - Beastlord Darmac. His menagerie was no match for AC.

3. Oregorger. To think we almost called it a night!

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Heroic Imperator - Ahead of the Curve!


Last night Anam Cara finally downed Imperator Mar'gok on Heroic difficulty and got a bunch of us our Ahead of the Curve achivements.

We had a couple very close attempts early on... then found we were DPSing the adds down WAY too quickly... then spaced out the healers for the final phase to help us spread out for the replication aoe from the force blast.

Took a while but we got it done!

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Heroic Gruul... Textbook AC!

Gruul went down after ~ 14 attempts or so... the actual kill came with two people alive... Erui commented that it was completely textbook... yes... AC Textbook.

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Three New Bosses Down This Weekend

This weekend we downed three new bosses:

Imperator Mar'gok (Normal) - We did this mainly to get the mechanics down so that we could try Heroic mode this coming weekend. Took a few tries to figure things out and get used to the fight but overall we did well.

Beastlord Darmac (Normal) - We continued our journey through the Iron Horde's Blackrock Foundry... this time taking down Darmac (who had worked so hard to collect the rarest and more fearsome beasts across Draenor - so Blizz says). To be honest... this was a sloppy fight but we got through it as a one-shot. I'm not sure if it was just forgiving because it was on normal mode or if we were slightly overgeared for the encounter. Whatever the case, Darmac... When the walls fell.

We'll end off with the video for Flamebender Ka'groz. This took a little more coordination... six attempts and she went down. Is she the Last Flamebender? We'll see if there is a twist later on in the expansion.

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The Assault on Blackrock Foundry Has Begun!

This weekend Anam Cara downed three new raid bosses: Heroic Ko'ragh, Normal Gruul and Normal Oregorger.

We're now 6 / 7 in Highmaul on both Normal and Heroic difficulties. Gruul and Oregorger make us 2 / 10 in Blackrock Foundry on Normal difficulty.

Heroic Ko'ragh:

Normal Gruul: I wasn't present for the kill... a video link will be forthcoming from either Racavis or Moot.

We'll leave off with Oregorger... it was interesting to play Pacman on such a grand scale.

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Dark's Discord Thingy

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David Braun
on August 25, 2016 21:31
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Chris Boegelsack
on August 22, 2016 18:27
Oh no!!! Individual performance!!!!!
Life of Warcraft.
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Chris Boegelsack
on August 15, 2016 08:28
Hmmmmm, I wonder who kill him? ....
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Peter Brian Joseph Nitti
on August 13, 2016 14:07
Chris Boegelsack, James Young
Show Your D*ck at Work - Banned Commercial!
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David Braun
on August 12, 2016 07:03
Raiding spriests beware - word has it that NPCs love to pop STM when they mind control you. Apparently they treat it like an "off" switch for priests.

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Chris Boegelsack
on August 12, 2016 00:24
One of our own shared this, and thank goodness because I had no idea! Blizz reverted the camera back! Now you can do a super zoom out which makes me so very happy! Just type
/console cameraDistanceMaxFactor 2.6 into the chat in game and poof! Thanks for sharing <3 - Leeighah
Life of Warcraft.
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Chris Boegelsack
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Yes Olympians, drink!!!!!!!!

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Chris Boegelsack
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World of Warcraft
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Robert Sterne
on August 4, 2016 19:44
Hearthstone! We don't talk about it much, but I thought I'd mention, this week's brawl is a great way to finish all your quests. You literally cannot lose, so if you have something like a "Win 5 shaman games" that you can't get rid of, now's the time!

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Peter Brian Joseph Nitti
on August 5, 2016 06:01
I had to look this up because I've started using it in real life and couldn't remember where it came from.

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