About Anam Cara

What is Anam Cara?
The phrase Anam Cara is Irish Gealic and means, literally, Soul Friend.  It is also the title of a book by the author John O'Donohue (Anam Cara: A Book of Celtic Wisdom).  O'Donohue speaks about the importance of belonging, community, and acceptance.

In an interview O'Donohue states:

     "Anam cara is a Gaelic phrase. Anam is the Irish word for "soul," and cara is the word for "friend." So it means "soul friendship." It's one of the most poignant and tender aspects of the Celtic tradition that-despite their profound imagination, their great battle prowess and their great passion-there is at the heart of Celtic wisdom such a beautiful notion of friendship."

     "People say that friends are made. I don't think friends are made at all, but rather discovered. If you look back along your life, you will see that at the crucial thresholds, different people were sent to you to help you acknowledge what was going on, to recognize your own responsibility, and to bring you over thresholds. The most creative growth points in our inner journey are all due to the assistance, graciousness and surprise that friendship brings. Friendship has a secret logic and a secret destiny. Something that's startling about one's friends is that the first meeting was so contingent and so seemingly accidental; and yet, if you look back now, your life would be unimaginable without the friends who have helped to shape you and give birth to your soul."

     "And it was said beautifully by Aristotle in the De Anima, where he devotes several chapters to the concept of friendship. He said, "If one could have all the good things in life but be without friends, one would choose not to have the good things rather than be friendless." Because there's something radically creative in the human spirit and mind, and because that creativity is linked to the contours of absence within us, there are places of incompletion, places where we are hungry within us. And only in the kinship of friendship do we actually become one with ourself.

To put it more pictorially still, it's utterly fascinating to me that no human person ever sees their own face. We look in mirrors and we have images, but we never see our own faces. And we never see our own bodies fully either. A friend is a true mirror in which we begin to get some little glimpse of who we are and the immensity that we carry-and that sometimes haunts us. Friendship is the shelter; and it's not a complacent shelter but a shelter that settles some primal restlessness down within us. It liberates us to get into the dance of our own life."

OK, so is this all a bit much for a video game?  Yep, probably, but in the end, many of us will spend hours playing with Guildmates, never actually getting to meet in person or develop what the rest of the world might consider a "real" relationship.  But the drama, the laughter, the anger, the passion we all know that are a part of this game, make these relationships as real as any other; the friendships formed just as meaningful. In Anam Cara we pledge to acknowledge these friendships and the strengths and weaknesses associated with them.

  1.  An application of membership is required for all applicants interested in joining Anam Cara.  A link to our application can be found to the left side of the page.
  2. Anam Cara requires that all members create a login and register on the guild website.
  3. Anam Cara asks all new members to satisfy a two-week Initiate period before full member status can be awarded.  This period provides the Initiate an opportunity to get to know the guild members and decide if Anam Cara is a place to call home.  The Initiate period may be extended at the Officers' discretion should any concerns arise during the initiation.
  4. Anam Cara members may have more than one character in the guild.  Please keep in mind that alts may be removed from the guild due to inactivity.
  5. Members who are inactive for a month will be moved to Inactive status.  After two months, we will remove the character from the guild.  Members removed for inactivity are welcome back to the guild as full members.
  6. Membership in Anam Cara is a privilege and may be terminated at the Officers' discretion.


  1. The essence of Anam Cara is friendship and the relationships we develop as we interact with each other in-game.  Treat others in game BETTER than you yourself would like to be treated.
  2. Inappropriate behaviour in guild chat, guild forums, guild groups or guild vent will not be tolerated.  This includes, but is not limited to: excessive foul or suggestive language, arguing with members, disrespectful behaviour, etc.
  3. Your behaviour in world chat channels is a reflection not only of yourself but also that of Anam Cara.  Take pride in wearing the Anam Cara tag and represent yourself in world chat accordingly.  Inappropriate behaviour in world chat will not be tolerated.
  4. Anam Cara does not condone the use of character leveling services or purchasing gold.
  5. The only way to learn to play your character in group instances is to do them over and over again in level appropriate groups.  While asking a higher-level member for help occasionally to knock out an instance or quest, regularly begging to be zerged (power through by a high level toon) through instances will not be tolerated.
  6. It is strongly recommended that members do not share accounts with other players.  However, we know that this is a decision each player makes individually and that there are circumstances where family members, or friends may share information.  It is not permitted for someone other than the account owner to run instances or participate in guild groups.
  7. Anam Cara does not support exploits of game mechanics.

Loot Rules

  1. Anam Cara rules governing loot have changed to accommodate the changes made to gear in Warlords of Draenor. There are no longer main-spec or off-spec rolls. All members of a raid or group are allowed to win one of each: one epic "main armor" gear once per NIGHT; one epic "role specific" gear once per NIGHT; one tier/token per LOCKOUT WEEK.
  2. "Main Armor" is considered any piece of gear that will change its stats to accommodate your character's spec. Example: Helm, Shoulder, Chest, Bracers, Gloves, Belt, Pants, Legs.
  3. "Role Specific" is considered any piece of gear that is tailored specifically towards a role (dps, heals, tank). Example: Neck, Cloak, Rings, Trinkets, Weapons.
  4. You may roll on any item you want regardless of whether it is your main- or off-spec. If you have already won an item, you can only win another one if the other players rolling have also won an equal or higher number or items than you. Example: G is healing on the first boss but is likely to DPS later, G can roll on either type of item. G wins a DPS trinket on the first boss (while healing) then sees a healer ring drop on the third boss. D, another healer, does not beat G's roll, however, D will win the ring anyway since G has already won a Role-Specific item.
  5. If an Epic BOE item is not won by a roll, the item will be allowed to be rolled on by the entire group.
  6. Epic "Main Armor" gear (per NIGHT), Epic "Role-Specific" gear (per NIGHT), Tier Tokens (per LOCKOUT WEEK), and BoE patterns are all separate rolls.
  7. All loot (main spec, regular gear, tokens, etc) are awarded by /roll unless the raid leader specifically says otherwise at the beginning of the raid (typically this is not the case, however, exceptions have been made when it comes down to certain items for legendaries or exceptional items).
  8. If you lose a /roll, do NOT complain about it or ask for the item.  You lost the roll... RNG can sometimes be a harsh mistress.
  9. If there is a piece of loot you are interested in and no one else wants... SPEAK UP. Even if you have won something already, we'd rather a piece of gear get distributed to a person that can use it instead of sharding it.
  10. If you are not clear on the loot rules at the beginning of a run, it is up to you to ask the Raid Leader for more clarification.
  11. BoE patterns will be rolled greed by all characters in raid that are capable of learning the pattern.  If you have already won a pattern your roll will be ignored if someone else can learn it and has not already won a pattern (similar to rule 4).  If there are no characters in the raid that can learn the pattern, the Raid Leader will often allow all players to roll as long as they have an alt-character that is capable of learning the pattern.
  12. Could vs. Should.  While we have guild rules to govern loot we would like to remind folks that in some cases a group can succeed or fail based on the strength of the weakest member.  In some cases if the other member would stand to significantly improve gear vs. a marginal side-grade or minor upgrade for your own character, it might be a decent thing for you to pass on the loot.


  1. Prompt attendance for the run is required.  Be sure to have your character at the instance gates 10 minutes prior to the start time.  A run scheduled for 9:30pm ServerTime means the first pull is at 9:30pm ServerTime.
  2. If you are in an instance (battlegrounds, scenario, dungeon, LFR, etc) before the start of a run and are unable to draw yourself out on time your position may be forfeit.
  3. Come prepared for the run with any necessary reagents, bandages, healing/mana potions, etc.  This includes making sure your gear is completely repaired before the raid begins.  For example: in Mists of Pandaria typical raid items to bring are: flasks, stat potions (typically reserved for warp/lust moments), healing and/or mana potions and some kind of stat food / feast.
  4. The ability to listen on Ventrilo is required for all runs.  If you cannot listen to the raid leader's instruction on Vent you may be excused from the raid.
  5. The Raid Leader will assign skinners, miners, herbalists and engineers to collect materials for the guild bank, if applicable.  Many items gathered in raid instances are rare and can be used for gear crafting for the good of the guild.
  6. Standbys.  If you are not selected for the raid team for whatever reason but would like to be on standby, please log your standby character at the door to the instance and play on an alt until called upon.  Make sure the Raid Leader or an officer knows you are on backup and can reach you on your alt.
  7. Anam Cara is a casual guild that enjoys raiding.  We do not claim to be a mythic raiding guild and such will not tolerate disrespect of fellow members with regards to raid skill.
  8. In cases where we have an empty spot and need to decide between a member and an initiate, the member will always get preference.

Guild Bank

  1. Anam Cara does NOT require donations to the guild bank.  However, set gear, spell books, recipes and rare materials may be sent to the guild bank as members desire.
  2. On guild instance runs, it may be decided at the start of the run, to collect gear, recipes, etc for the guild bank instead of greeding items.  If there is a non-guild member on the run, items should be rolled for by the players in attendance.  Bank donations should not be claimed if a non-guild member helped earn the drop.
  3. Members may received donated items from the guild bank at the Officers' discretion.  Members should prioritize guild main characters over any alt-characters when considering items.
  4. Initiates still in their two-week trial period are not eligible for guild bank items.
  5. The Guild Bank does not provide loans to members.


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