How to Apply to Anam Cara
1 - Read the Rules!
Go to the About Anam Cara section and read our charter and rules.  These are the principles on which we run the guild.  Please be sure you fully understand what kind of guild we are and what we're about.

2 - Fill out the Application Form
Provide some basic information about yourself (name, age, gender, timezone).

Please provide your email address in case we need to contact you and can't reach you in game.

What is the name of the Main Character you are bringing into the guild?

What specs do you play on your main?

Do you have any alts you want to bring into the guild? If, so please list them here.

What prior experience do you have in the game? Raiding? PvP?

What other guilds have you been a part of? Why did you (or are looking to) leave?

Why do you want to join Anam Cara?

Do you have any other additional information to share?

Dark's Discord Thingy

FaceBook: Anam Cara of Ysera
Pru Holmes
on March 29, 2017 07:12
Happy Birthday, Dark! Hope you have a super awesome amazing day :)

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David Braun
on March 29, 2017 08:00
If you thought that the world quests seemed a bit harder after 7.2, you are right. After promising back in September that they would not do this, Blizzard quietly snuck in a change so that creature health and damage now scales with your iLevel. You can test this by targeting a world mob and unequipping a piece of gear (at least until they fix that).

This goes against the whole underlying principle of improving your gear. If everything gets progressively harder as your gear gets better, then you may as well just go out into the world naked because it defeats the whole point in getting better gear.

Something else they confirmed is that having the mobs get weaker when you remove gear is a bug. To me, this implies that they want them to scale based on what you have in your bags, versus what you have equipped. This means that if a legendary drops and you can't equip it, the net result is an overall nerf to you. Stupid decision, IMO.

Reading the dev comments, it sounds like they felt we would not like the world quests if we felt like they were getting too easy. You know, because our grinding out WQs is the highlight of our day,l and we naturally want them to take longer...
PSA: Creatures now scale with item level - World of Warcraft Forums
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Stephanie Butler
on March 27, 2017 19:41

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Andrew A Gomien
on March 27, 2017 21:06

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Pru Holmes
on March 26, 2017 13:17
He's not helping...

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Andrew A Gomien
on March 20, 2017 19:30
My gf commenting one of my old bestie's posts... lol 😂

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Andrew A Gomien
on March 18, 2017 10:23

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Christiane Laflamme
on March 11, 2017 17:54

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Sarah Brannan Braun
on March 15, 2017 10:34

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Ian Gerstel
on March 13, 2017 13:50
I got a Facebook ad for Domino's just now.... the text was "buy one get one free" and the picture was a pepperoni+pineapple pizza.

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