How to Apply to Anam Cara
1 - Read the Rules!
Go to the About Anam Cara section and read our charter and rules.  These are the principles on which we run the guild.  Please be sure you fully understand what kind of guild we are and what we're about.

2 - Fill out the Application Form
Provide some basic information about yourself (name, age, gender, timezone).

Please provide your email address in case we need to contact you and can't reach you in game.

What is the name of the Main Character you are bringing into the guild?

What specs do you play on your main?

Do you have any alts you want to bring into the guild? If, so please list them here.

What prior experience do you have in the game? Raiding? PvP?

What other guilds have you been a part of? Why did you (or are looking to) leave?

Why do you want to join Anam Cara?

Do you have any other additional information to share?

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