Anam Cara's Pet Battle Tourney!

Anam Cara will be hosting it's first ever Pet Battle Tournament.  All current Anam Cara members are invited to join.  Most prizes are to be determined, however, I can say we are going to be putting up a 10,000 gold piece prize.  As in other events, the winners will be allowed to select from the currently available prizes in order of finish.

CONGRATULATIONS TO ARHIANOD FOR WINNING THE PET TOURNEY... and many thanks to everyone that participated and donated prizes!

September 20:
- Arhianod defeats Farelyn 4 - 1 to win the Gold.  She is crowned tournament champion!

September 14:
- DarkTerror has defeated SkyChee 2 - 1 to win the Bronze medal!
- The Royal Satchels have been removed as a prize as they were moved.  Instead we have added a plethora of new battle pets and a mount to choose from!  Thanks to Racavis and Erendalia for the new prizes!

september 13:
- Farelyn defeated SkyChee 2 - 0 and moves on to the Finals against Arhianod.
- DarkTerror and SkyChee will meet in the Bronze Medal battle.

August 30:
- SkyChee defeated Racavis 2 - 1 to win the mini-tournament...  she's back in and faces Farelyn in the Semi-Finals.

August 28:
- SkyChee defeated Erendalia 2 - 0 and will face off against Racavis for the right to re-enter the tournament (opponent is Farelyn).

August 22:
- Arhianod defeated DarkTerror 2 - 0 and is in the Final!
- Racavis defeated Dyonissa 2 - 0 and advances to the Mini-Tournament final against the winner of Erendalia v SkyChee.

August 19:
- Fraggleshot has been removed from the tournament due to inactivity.  The players that lost their first round matches (and were subsequently eliminated) are going to be given a second chance to get back into the thick of things!  Those players that were defeated will participate in a MINI-TOURNAMENT.  The winner will be entered back into the tournament to go up against Farelyn in the Semi-Finals.
- Mini-Tournament matches are: Racavis v Dyonissa & Erendalia v SkyChee!  Good luck everyone!

August 13:
- Fraggleshot defeats Erendalia 2 - 1.  Fraggleshot advances to the Semi-Finals against Farelyn.

August 10:
- Farelyn defeats SkyChee 2 - 1.  Farelyn advances to the Semi-Finals against the winner of Erendalia v Fraggleshot.

August 7:
- DarkTerror defeats Dyonissa 2 - 0.  Dark advances to the Semi-Finals against Arhianod.

August 3:
- Arhianod defeats Racavis 2 - 0.  Arhi advances to the Semi-Finals against the winner of Dyonissa v. DarkTerror.

July 29:
- quarter-final matchups have been randomly selected by my son (Thanks William!)
- Added info for add-on Pet Battle Reporter and the channel name to be used.


Participant Rosters (in order of main toon name):
Ahrianod: Core Hound, Anubisath Idol, Guardian Cub, Creepy Crate, Menagerie Guard, Baby Blizzard Bear
DarkTerror: Clefthoof Runt, Clockwork Gnome, Mr. Bigglesworth, Celestial Dragon, Anubisath Idol, Bananas
Dyonissa: Rapana Whelk, Anodized Robo Cub, Luyu Moth, Terrible Turnip, Wild Crimson Hatchling, Baby Ape
Erendalia: Restless Shadeling, Bucktooth Flapper, Kun-Lai Runt, Rabid Nut Varment 5k, Rapana Whelk, Shrine Fly
Farelyn: Baby Ape, Mechanical Pandaren Whelpling, Mini Thor, Peddlefeet, Brilliant Kaliri, Shimmering Wyrmling
Fraggleshot: Ghostly Skull, Gilnean Raven, Fel Flame, Lil Ragnaros, Silver Dragonhawk Hatchling, Anubisath Idol
Racavis: Thundertail Flapper, Anubisath Idol, Plains Monitor, Lil' Tarecgosa, Clock 'Em, Gilded Moth
SkyChee: Anubisath Idol, Corehound Pup, Highlands Turkey, Alpine Foxling Kit, Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling, Lil' Tarecgosa


Gold Medal: Arhianod (Sunstone Panther)
Silver Medal: Farelyn (mats for Alchemy)
Bronze Medal: DarkTerror (fire spirit and water spirit)


Gold/Silver Match: Arhianod beats Farelyn 4 - 1
Bronze Match: DarkTerror beats SkyChee 2 - 1


a. Arhianod beats DarkTerror 2 - 0

b. Farelyn beats SkyChee 2 - 0

b. Farelyn v Fraggleshot
* Fraggleshot was removed due to inactivity.

Mini-Tournament Matches (winner is re-entered into the tournament to go up against Farelyn in the Semi-Final).
a. Racavis beats Dyonissa 2 - 0

b. SkyChee beats Erendalia 2 - 0

c. SkyChee beats Racavis 2 - 1 (SkyChee re-enters the tournament)


a. DarkTerror beats Dyonissa 2 - 0

b. Ahrianod beats Racavis 2 - 0

c. Fraggleshot beats Erendalia 2 - 1

d. Farelyn beats SkyChee 2 - 1


Tournament Rules (updated June 14).

Participation & Teams:

  1. You must be a current Anam Cara member to participate.  In the unlikely event you are no longer in the guild during the tournament, you will be disqualified.
  2. To participate you must register a roster of three to six pets.
  3. All pets on your team must be Level 25.
  4. All pet team compositions will remain hidden until the tournament has begun.
  5. Once the tournament begins you may not change your pet team.
  6. You may freely change your roster before the tournament starts.
  7. Contact Headstone via WoW, Facebook, email, whatever to register your roster of 3 - 6 pets.
  8. For this tournament, all participants must download, enable and use the addon called Pet Battle Reporter.
  9. The Pet Battle Reporter addon channel must be set to AnamCara (found in the options).
  10. Folks wanting to watch a pet battle can simply /join PBRAnamCara

Seeds & Tournament

  1. All initial seeds for the tournament will be randomly selected.
  2. Subsequent matches will be based on winners from previous seeds and follow a tournament bracket.
  3. All matches will be a best-of-three battle.
  4. The final / championship match will be a best-of-seven battle.
  5. All matches, with the exception of the finals, can be played any time during the week (Monday through Sunday).
  6. The tournament is single-elimination... once you have lost your match, you're out.
  7. All participants must get their matches completed within the allotted week or risk forfeit / disqualification.
  8. The final / championship match will be scheduled so folks can come watch. :)
  9. The final / championship match will be held at the Temple of the White Tiger.


  1. Between battles, a player may substitute in a battle pet from their registered roster.
  2. Between battles, a player may change their battle pet order.
  3. Between battles, both participants are allowed to wait for the Revive Battle Pets ability to be used (8 minute cooldown).
  4. Once a battle has begun, clicking the forfeit (white flag) button will result in you losing that battle.


  1. The first, second and third place finishers will select from one of the following prizes:
  2. 10,000 gold (thanks to the guild!)
  3. Mats to level one profession of your choice from 1 to 600 (donated by Headstone - this one will take some time to provide so please be patient)
  4. Sunstone Panther (thanks to Racavis)
  5. Any two of the prize pets listed below.
  6. Any two of the prize pets listed below.
  7. Any two of the prize pets listed below.

Prize Pets

  1. Mini Mindslayer (donated by Erendalia).
  2. Chrominius (donated by Erendalia).
  3. Menagerie Custodian (donated by Erendalia).
  4. Imperial Moth (donated by Racavis).
  5. Sunfur Panda (donated by Racavis).
  6. Pandaren Fire Spirit (donated by Headstone).
  7. Phoenix Hatchling (donated by Headstone).
  8. Living Sandling (donated by Headstone).
  9. Pandaren Water Spirit (donated by Headstone).
  10. Gahz'rooki (donated by Headstone).


  1. Headstone will act as the Tournament Director and will govern any rules not already covered here.  All decisions are final.

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My faithful - if somewhat unburdened by keen intellect - sidekick Thisalee was there to witness the occasion of my nerfing. She's good with the claws, but not the brightest star in Elune's nebula if you know what I mean. Bless her psychotic little heart, she's forgotten the laws of physics again. You just hang there, Thisalee, that's fine.

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